MT. SINAI 2015 CALENDER

February 4,11,18,25                                                                            Bible Study 6pm
February 14th                                                                                     Sweetheart Day
February 21st                                                                                     Staff Meeting 10am
February 22nd                                                                                    Travel to Sikeston @ 3pm
March 4,11,18,25                                                                                Bible Study 6pm
March 8th                                                                                          Daylight Savings Time ( Spring Forward 1 Hour)
March 21st                                                                                         Staff Meeting @ 10am
April 1,8,15,22,29                                                                               Bible Study 6pm
April 3                                                                                               Good Friday
April 5th                                                                                             Resurrection Sunday Svc 7am/ Breakfast 8am
April18th                                                                                            Staff Meeting @ 10am
May 7th                                                                                             National Day of Prayer
May 6,13,,20,27                                                                                  Bible Study 6pm
May 10th                                                                                            Mother's Day
May 16th                                                                                            Staff Meeting 10:10am
May 17th                                                                                           Women's Day Program 3pm
May 25th                                                                                            Memorial Day
June 3,10,17,24                                                                                   Bible Study 6pm
June 14th-20th                                                                                  Pastor's Vacation
June 20th                                                                                           Staff Meeting 10am
June 21st                                                                                            Father's Day
June 21st                                                                                           Travel to Carbondale
June 22nd-26th                                                                                   Vacation Bible School
June 28th                                                                                            Men's Day program 3pm
July 2,9,16,23,30                                                                                 Bible Study 6pm
July 4th                                                                                              Independence Day
July 18th                                                                                            Staff Meeting 10am
July 19th-25th                                                                                   Pastor's Vacation
August 5,12,19,26                                                                               Bible Study 6pm
August 15th                                                                                        Staff Meeting 10am
August 16th                                                                                        Usher's program 3pm
August 23rd                                                                                        Travel to True Light 3pm
Sept 2,9,16,23,30                                                                                 Bible Study 6pm
Sept 7                                                                                                 Labor Day
Sept 11th-13th                                                                                    Mt. Sinai Church Anniversary Weekend
Sept 13th                                                                                            Grandparents Day
Sept 27th                                                                                             Interdenominational Uion Choir Day
Oct 7,14,21,28                                                                                     Bible Study 6pm
Oct17th                                                                                               Staff Meeting 10am
Oct 21st-23rd                                                                                      Fall Revival 6:pm nightly
Nov 1st                                                                                               Daylight Savings Time Ends  (Fall Back 1 hour)
Nov 3rd                                                                                              Election Day
Nov 4,11,18,25                                                                                    Bible Study 6pm
Nov 21st                                                                                             Staff Meeting@ 10am
Nov 22nd                                                                                            Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner (After Services)
Nov 26th                                                                                            Thanksgiving Day
Dec 2,9,16,23,30                                                                                 Bible Study 6pm
Dec 19th                                                                                             Staff Meeting 10am
Dec 20th                                                                                             Christmas Fellowship Dinner 3pm  (After Services)
Dec 25th                                                                                             Christmas Day
Dec 31st                                                                                              Night Watch Service 10:30pm